A free hands-on tool to help people work with the Global Goals.



The Global Goals Cards is a free, hands-on tool that helps people to engage in the UN Global Goals. The 58 illustrated and color-coded cards explain challenges connected to the Global Goals. The cards can be used in workshops and discussions about the Global Goals and the underlying challenges. The Global Goals Cards can help you generate ideas and develop solutions. They are a framework for dialogue that can inspire you to learn and to act for a better future.

(They can aid teachers in making their lessons interactive and enable students to better understand the challenges humanity faces. They can raise awareness and help you understand what issues you as an organisation, a company or a governmental body need to focus on to tackle the challenges.)

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Why cards?

To better be able to work with the goals in a more interactive way around a table, discussing them; In workshops, classrooms and idea development meetings. Cards are more flexible than checklists. You can move them around, prioritise, discuss around them and come up with new ideas relating to each card.

Workshops with these type of learning objects enhance learning a fair bit in comparison to lecture formats. (John Hattie: Visible Learning for Teachers)


Download and print yourself

Cards – Color version

Cards – B/W, Low ink version

  • Arriving soon


How to print

Use heavy paper 300g/m3 if possible. That makes the cards feel more like objects.



The cards are released under Creative commons (CC-BY-ND) which means that you can print how many you want for free. The texts are released as CC-BY.


How you can contribute

  • Challenges
    Help us add new challenge. Which are the most important ones? Vote and add new ones and they might show up as expansions packs.

Buy a copy

Too lazy to print yourself? Buy a copy at methodkit.com (TBA)

We are working on to find a cheaper, less fancy solution for buying a kit (but for that we need funding to be able to get the upfront payment for getting it bulk printed.)

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